Powerball and Megabucks Plus Subscriptions

You don't have to miss a single drawing for either Powerball or Megabucks Plus if you get your subscription for those games today! A MegaEasy and Powerful way to get and keep yourself into these exciting games! We've Got the Games!

For Powerball, choose your 5 lucky numbers and one Powerball number. For Megabucks Plus, choose your 5 lucky numbers and one Megaball number. For either game, you can choose Easy Pick to let the Lottery computer pick your numbers for you.

Remember, add Power Play to your Powerball subscription for an extra $1 (one dollar) per play and you can increase your non-jackpot winnings. With Power Play, the second tier prize of $1,000,000 becomes $2,000,000! Now that's big bucks for just an extra buck!

$2 Powerball or $2 Megabucks Plus Subscription Draws Powerball Cost Megabucks Plus Cost
13 Weeks 26 $52 $52
26 Weeks 52 $104 $104
52 Weeks 104 $208 $208
$2 Powerball with $1 Power Play Subscription Number of Draws Cost
13 Weeks 26 draws $78
26 Weeks 52 draws $156
52 Weeks 104 draws $312

For more subscription information or to purchase a subscription, please contact the Maine State Lottery at (800) 452-8777 (in Maine only) or by email at MaineLottery@Maine.gov.

To subscribe by mail, please download the Powerball or Megabucks Plus subscription form, complete the form in its entirety and mail it to our office with the applicable payment. The subscription forms are in an Adobe Acrobat fillable format that can be completed on screen and printed from your local printer. You can get your free Adobe Reader from the Adobe website.

Please mail your completed subscription form to:

Bureau of Alcoholic Beverages and Lottery Operations
8 State House Station

Augusta, ME 04333-0008