Winner Information

Summer in Maine means lobster, so Robert Cloutier grabbed a Lucky Lobster Loot instant game and it was a very lucky choice. Robert won $20,000 on his scratcher bought at Mr. Mike’s in Rockland. Congratulations Robert and he says he’s going to use some of it to get more tickets and win again!

Congratulations to the “Gang of Fourteen” from Harding’s Maintenance Crew who won $3,000,000 playing the Mega Millions game. Good thing they spent the extra $1 for the Megaplier option. Unfortunately a few of the guys were unable to make to the office today. Up until recently their game of choice was Power Ball but they decided to switch to Mega Millions but only on Tuesday nights. Fortunately for them the guy who buys the tickets for the group was off on Tuesday so he bought them for Friday night instead…. and they won! Each winner receives about $150,000 after taxes. The winning ticket was purchased from the Cumberland Farms in Woolwich. Thanks guys for being so much fun and enjoy your winnings.

What does finding ten words in the Maine Crossword scratch game get you? Charles Rideout of Bangor got $30,000 for his ten words. Charles bought his winning ticket at Leadbetters Super Stops in Bangor. This is the second win for Charles and his big plans for the money are to spend it. Don’t blame him there. Congratulations!

We are now down to three trucks in the Trucks & Bucks instant game! Our second big winner, Daryl Zimmerman from Nobleboro, came in to get his Ford F-150. Daryl bought his winning scratcher at Nobleboro Village Store in Nobleboro.

Congratulations to Tu Thai of Biddeford for winning $100,000 on the Sapphire 7’s instant game! Tu bought his ticket at the Circle K on Main St in South Portland. Tu plans on spending some winnings on his kids pay off his car and put the rest away for latter.

Our first top prize winner in the new 20X the Money instant game came all the way from Lubec to collect her $100,000 prize! Congratulations to Wendy Newman of Lubec who purchased her winning ticket from the McFadden’s Variety in Lubec. Wendy said she plans to spend her winnings on her kids, take a trip and maybe even buy a new car.

We have another Monopoly Millionaires’ Club winner! Congratulations to Ada Lowberg of Waldoboro. She bought her $10,000 winning ticket at Hannaford in Waldoboro. Ada said she was going to spend the winnings on her four grandchildren.

Congratulation to Alyss Crooker of Brooks for winning $15,000 on the Did I Win? Instant game! She bought her ticket at Big Apple on Searsport Ave in Belfast.

Congratulations to Richard Hilton of West Bath for winning Top Prize on $250,000 Jumbo Bucks. Richard bought his ticket at Shaw's in Bath. He says he will pay his mortgage, bills, and may even get himself a new car.

Big winner on the Lucky Lobster Loot instant game! $20,000 winner Sold at Dave's Place in Lewiston to Margaret Farnum.

Donna Spaulding was a winner of the Maine Day suite package to see the Red Sox play the Rays on August 2. She won this in the 2nd chance drawing for Non-Winning tickets. The Suit Package includes: Two (2) August 2, 2015 Boston Red Sox regular season home game suite tickets; Complimentary food and beverage; and Two (2) MLB Authentic Collection Boston Red Sox officially licensed Authentic Boston Red Sox David Ortiz game jerseys.

We had another $10,000 winner in the Boston Red Sox instant game! Joshua Lemieux bought his winning ticket at the Cumberland Farms in Portland. This is the second time a member of his family has won on this game. His father won $100,000 a couple of years ago.

We finally have our first winner of a Ford F-150 Lariat in the Trucks & Bucks instant game! Withholding taxes were paid and she even went away with $3,300 spending cash. Anna Harrison bought the winning ticket at the Circle K in Scarborough.

Another $10,000 winner in the Trucks & Bucks instant game! Congratulations to Amanda Dennison instant game sold at Leadbetters Super Stop in Brewer. Amanda let us know she is ready to win the truck now and would be back with a winning ticket. Best of luck to her, we still need our first winner!

Deborah Waska has a tough decision when she was picked at the $40,000,000 Fortune Event. Deborah had to pick between a new Ford Mustang, a Jeep Rubicon, or $40,000. Three great prizes, but she could only pick one. Deborah went with the $40,000! Now she can get a new car or something else she has been waiting for.

Robert Bouchard was our last winner of the night at the $40,000,000 Fortune Event held on June 11. Robert almost did not go to the event, but was talked into it at the last minute. It is a good thing he went and also stuck it out to the end because he was the second big $100,000 winner that night!

James Dillon was our first big winner at our $40,000,000 Fortune Event held on June 11. We open the night with a game of four square and James came from behind to win the game and the first $100,000 given out that night.

Now this was a good Father’s Day for Roman Jordan. Roman was the second father to bring in a winning ticket. His gift won him $100,000 in the Monopoly Millionaires’ Club instant game sold at Ellsworth Marketplace in Ellsworth!

Happy Father’s Day to Clifford Davenport! This Father's Day gift won him $100,000 in the Escape to Margaritaville instant game sold at Hammond Ohio State Varity in Bangor!

Congratulations to Matthew Newcomb for winning $10,000 in Trucks & Bucks instant game sold at Shaws in Windham! Matthew went to buy some groceries and decided to try his luck. Now he will be all set for his next grocery run.